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WAISA is a trading company based in Saudi Arabia offering procurement and supply service for a wide range of products including vegetables, fruits and household materials sourced from different parts of the world. Though an established brand, WAISA wanted to have their customer base increased and grow further to better target


To revolutionize the trading company by bringing in a new global visual language to the entire brand.

  • Consult

    Brand Strategy Brand Positioning

  • Create

    Brand Identity Digital Assets

  • Campaign

    Brand Awareness Social Media

The Challenge

To increase the brand reach in a highly competitive markets having a lot of established players dominating for years. We had to study the tough market conditions and device out paralleled  branding strategies that would ensure more penetration and customer base in minimum time frame.

The Results

More association enquiries

60 %

Increase in Online Order

100 %

Increase in Sales Response

250 %

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