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Talerock is a resort located at Valparai, Tamil Nadu, India, around 100 kms from the city of Coimbatore. The client required a unique brand identity that reflects the experience and feel offered by the brand. How could we generate curiosity and adventurous feel at every interaction point of the brand? The most challenging aspect was how to hide all the wildlife without getting noticed at first sight. We had multiple designs, iterations, and layouts. In the final selection, we had to play around a lot with the scale of each entity to ensure visibility and reproducibility.


We were to design the brand identity and an entire visual character for the brand, ensuring that it gets a unique treatment and better placement.

  • Consult

    Brand Strategy Positioning

  • Create

    Branding,Identity Visual Guideline

  • Campaign

    Digital Presence, Outdoor Communication

The Challenge

Bringing uniqueness to the brand and its identity was the prime focus. The idea was to tell the real story - the experiences awaiting and the real scenic beauty of the place to reflect on the identity rather creating just a logo; To weave a language where the identity and the brand connects beautifully with the experience offered to its target audience

The Result

Novel Approach

A unique identity that logically connects the ambience and experience offered with the brands

Seamless Language

A visual language that is intutive and seamless across all platforms

Great Visibility

All the instalations together assured excellent visibility helping instant brand recall

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