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The Rain International Nature Film Festival aims to bring together ecologically aware filmmakers from around the world in order to showcase their works, facilitating an authentic platform for raising environmental awareness. The Film festival was organized by Birds Club International and Jayaraj Foundation.


Eminent Film Director, Mr.Jayaraj wanted us to create an identity and language that would reflect nature and the underlying intention behind the initiative. A subtle, natural and an entirely new treatment.

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    Brand Strategy Brand Positioning

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    Brand Identity Collaterals

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    Launch Event Social Media

The Challenge

Being a non-profit initiative, it was essential to project RINFF in every point of interaction as the client didn't have sufficient funds to do an extensive campaign. The architecture of designs was in such a way that both the brand and the event gets equal importance. Since the event showcased movies from around the globe, we ensured that it didn't have any regional characteristics attached to it.

The Result

Wide Attention

Realtime digital campaigns helped to reach more audience through social media.

Effecient and Effective

The campaign reached its goal with the minimum allocated funds.

Future Ready

All the creatives designed supplements its use for the upcoming seasons.

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