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Lokesh Machines Limited incorporated on 17th December 1983 is one of the worlds biggest manufacturer of machines catering to the automobile sector. Lokesh exports machines to Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, China and Middle East countries. The company is known for its Unique Machining Solutions, given the background of the SPMs. Lokesh employs over 2750 people, directly and indirectly.


Lokesh came to us to revamp their identity and create a visual language that creates a unified style. The brand wanted a tone and combination that that would ensure its presence, making it noticeable.

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    Brand Rewamp Brand Positioning

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    Identity Rework Brand Guideline

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    Social Media

The Challenge

We had to create a huge impact using a minor cosmetic change for the identity. The 38-year-old company didn't want much difference to its logo but wanted the visual graphics to be phenomenal throughout all its installations. A yellow-grey combination, bold typography and an intuitive pattern gave an entirely new look that matches international standards. The new language was introduced throughout all the print and digital space.

The Result

Bold Presence

The dual-tone and the patterns created a phenomenal impact across all platforms.

Versatile Language

A visual language that can easily fit into any format enhanced all the installations creating high impact.

A Unified Brand

The exercise weaved a unique pattern bringing together all the touchpoints of the brand under one language.

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