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B2B Brand Promotion In The Post Covid Scenario

What’s next? When a ‘new normal’ is getting ready to emerge post Covid-19 pandemic, experts have already started burning midnight oil for innovative strategizing. World will not be the same, so will be the spending, system and communication. But, what are the steps to be taken in advance? Every situation, be it good or bad, is an opportunity. How to utilise it matters.

Everything is being questioned during this pandemic. Lifestyle, systems, relationships and even one’s belief are being questioned by own psyche. Will it affect the business in future? Experts say it will not. What is to be done is, just channelize. Channelize the way it changes. Valuable technologies will be picked to create stronger and reliable platforms.  Virtual will be more real in near future. Dependence on online transactions will be manifold in the coming years and there will be substantial increase in the investment in e-Commerce platforms. B2B services are to be more e-friendly and remotely operative. Diversification to unexplored internet market is a profitable possibility for existing brands. Proper digital marketing strategies will help the firm build sustainable customer engagement. 

Post Covid, it will be necessary for brands to re-establish their connection with the customers. It is a common saying that ‘during bad times, you must advertise’. There will be more room for branding firms to device untested and untried strategies and campaigns for their clients. After all, there should be business, whatever be the situation. The branding strategies will have a new creative space post Covid, experts say. The mood and sentiments of the people will have to aligned with the brands and it is the time to pull up the socks for better ideas that connect and treat the audience emotionally well.   Last decade was phenomenal for B2B marketing, so will be the coming years, at least 3-4 years. But, the brands should realize and re-apply strategies and action plans.

‘Context’ will be the term in board room discussions. Plans, designs and communication are to be having more contextual factors. There will be a shift in approach which will be contextual. Globally, there will be sharp change in attitude especially that of customer base. Better to study and implement new contextual approach to attract the customer interest and trust.

Brands that were somehow connected with the people during the pandemic will be having an extra edge in post Covid era. The emotional connect will enhance the trust factor and this can positively and effectively be applied in future branding. For example, a Sanitizer brand which was already in the market pre-Covid era, and the majority realized its value during the pandemic, will be having more brand value in the coming years.  It is an opportunity for branding firms to bring out appropriate commercials for such brands which will help two dimensional growth – both for the brand and the agency.

So, it is the time to reinvent better B2B marketing strategies for a better profit graph in post Covid-19 era. Let us be more digital, more dynamic and more data driven.

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