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Unlearn And Adapt – What Covid 19 Pandemic Taught the Education Sector

Anything can be quarantined, except the quest for knowledge. 

When, the entire world faced hardship during Covid-19 pandemic, education survived across the continents. Studies continue. Teachers enthusiastically took part in e-education revolution by teaching their students online, sitting at home. Syllabus was covered without fail. Against anticipation, the result was positive. Habits changed. System got a revamp. To a great extent, it succeeded. Prolonged months of stay-at-home paved way for next generation education.

Distance e-learning

Though it was already tried in some parts of the world, now only it got cultural certification. It is possible and it can be the future way of learning, especially in a world of uncertainty.

So, are we ready?

The education sector should be ready to upgrade to the new normal. Smart class rooms are already there.  But the need of the hour is smarter class rooms, online. Apart from having digital boards and computer labs, education institutes should be equipped for online interaction between teachers and students. When everything is going to be virtual, let the learning process too.  Heavy broadband connection, devices for face to face remote interaction, innovative methodology of grading and analysis, online examinations, syllabi changes for extra-curricular activities etc will be the minimum standards in the ‘new normal’ world.

Every challenge is an opportunity to change. Covid-19 helped the world realise the need of changing the education system.  Let us look into some of the possible technological changes in coming years.

  • Upgrade from text to visual learning.
  • Multi-media learning will be more effective for students.
  • Online access to library books and other study materials. 
  • More one to one interaction by teachers with students on e-platforms.

The schools that excelled even during the pandemic, by imparting good online education will be having better grading and demand in upcoming years. This will definitely make other schools to follow the path and they too will upgrade the system and a new education culture may be emerged. The technology service providers will be having more opportunities and they will have to upgrade their resources and deliverables. In short, in near future education will make the world change with technology.

Everything is getting changed. Education should be the first system to adapt the change. Let it come out of the four walls of classrooms and custom made time table and outdated syllabus. Let the institutions upgrade themselves to face the challenging world and equip the future generation to face the challenging future.

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