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How to Start Building Your Brand

You have an idea. You transform it to a product or a service. Now you want to reach to your customers. All you need a strong, reliable and durable bridge built on extra ordinary materials. That bridge is called Branding.

What do you benefit from branding. Simply it can be explained in a single line. “What you want your business to be known for and how you get your audience to remember you”. Branding is the communication tool to talk to your customer. It is the tool to carry your product to the audience. End of the day, your product/service determines your success. But without branding, it will not reach the proper audience, whatever be the quality of novelty of it.

Be Worldwide, a company dealing in professional branding, media production and campaign services in India briefs,  “branding helps you to stand out in the crowd, crowd decides whether you should  stand out further”. There is no other simple way to explain it.

Before building your brand, just analyze yourself and find answer to the few questions. ‘How should my product look like?”, “Whom should it reach”, “What will people feel on it”. If you have the right answer, now move on and start your branding. First you should have trust in your own product or service. You should have the confidence towards its consistency and its prospects.  You can’t build a brand without being consistent and maintaining that consistency as you extend your brand to every part of your business. But it all starts with establishing what that consistency is going to look like and the feeling you want it to evoke.

The first steps of branding include :
  • Researching on  your target audience

This is the important step. First you have to define your target. Which segment will be your customers and then only you can reach them with proper visual and other communication language.

  • Understanding your competitors 

You study your competitors first. Then you differentiate your product with theirs. Tell the world about it.

  • Picking your focus and personality.

Strategize the personality of your brand. How should it be positioned in the customer mind that includes the class and style.

  • Choosing your business name

There is lot in a name, when it comes to a product. Choose a very attractive an apt name for your product that will be sticky and smart.

  • Writing your slogan

A short sentence that describe your brand. It can be as smart as possible, simple and easily remembering one.

  • Choosing  the look and feel of your brand like colour scheme, fonts etc.

Choose colors, fonts and other parameters that matches your brand. Ever colour has a psychological impact and apply intelligently that to your brand .

  • Designing your logo

Now you can create a well communicating logo, that stay long on your customers mind, powerful enough to invite eye balls

  • Applying your branding culture across your business

The visual language of your brand should be unique and it should reflect everywhere from ID card to office stationery to bill boards. Uniqueness helps your brand stay long in people’s mind.

You figure out the market in which you want to place your product and your branding should be in sync with the region. Regional sentiments should be taken into account otherwise it can derail your plans. Study the region, culture and habits.

After launching your product with proper branding you can think of campaigns and other marketing plans. Ensure that it will not harm your branding in any manner.


Be Worldwide is a Brand Consultancy Company in India which offers Management Consultancy, Campaign Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Creative Consultancy etc.

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