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Fool Proof Guide to Branding

Are you confused on how to  brand your product, service or the company itself?.

Your brand is your own identity and and it is the communication established between you and your customer. Branding should be influential enough to attract people and build trust in them. The more stronger is your brand identity, stronger will be the bondage between your product and its customers. The world is getting evolved and digital world has altered everything in life, branding is not an exemption. So, planning and implementing proper branding should be in accordance with  the fast changing world.

How to build your identity. It depends on your product, the industry it belongs to and the customers who buy it. The brad identity should be the combination of the purpose, presentation and performance. Understanding  your target audience is one of the major factors on branding.

A performing brand knows both inside and out. The content inside the box and customer outside the company. If the communication is honest, nothing to worry about the performance. Refer to the global performers, who made success through proper study, system and innovative branding ideas. All of them studied the customers well enough. Knowing yourself is important. Knowing your customer is more important.

The basic steps of branding starts with how you conceive and design your logo and images, typography, color schemes, your website, signage, decor and finally the packaging. A logo designed for 60+ target group may not work for 25- category. Tastes and mentality are different. Work accordingly, keeping in mind your exact target audience, and their tastes and state of mind.  Other elements can vary anything from the smell to sound!. The smell of your package can influence a customer, the sound of your log presentation  on social media too can make a magic!

Once you establish your brand, by creating your identity and offline market presence, you should focus on the biggest branding area of the day. The Online one. Everyone is online from morning to night and smart brands establish positive relation with the customers through smarter plans and strategy. Never miss out the online presence. According Be Worldwide, the leading Branding and Marketing consultancy company in south India, there is a huge hike in spending on online branding compared to previous years. Trust come by word of mouth. Today people interact each other on social media than direct interactions. So be there, be smart enough to communicate with the virtual world.

Define your purpose and positioning. It is very important in creating a powerful brand identity that will boost the sales both offline and online, in today’s marketing scenario. You can’t leave social media presence as everyone is hooked onto it throughout the day. There are many examples of brands that excelled exclusively on social media presence in intelligent way. Nowadays, social media reviews and rating is the key factor of buying. People depend more on honest reviews and review sites before trying a product. Your branding strategy should be having constant monitoring system on the internet and you should ensure happy customers put a positive review. There are rival strategies that put negative comments and review that my badly affect your business. You should develop proper strategies to identity such bad practices and take steps to block the enemies.


Be Worldwide is the professional branding consultancy and Management Consultancy in India.

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