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Branding Online Vs Offline

Which one will you trust more? A brand promotion appeared on a highway billboard or on a social media page?

Confused to answer? You are right. It depends. Conventional branding still rules in some areas. Amazon offer appeared on Facebook may have less acceptance than when it appears on a hoarding. But what about the sales?. The audience lies online for Amazon. So, the business conversion will be higher compared to offline promotion. So, branding platform depends on the audience behavior. If your audience hook into digital world from morning to night, it is the right place to put your brand. There are conventional minds who trust conventional things more. So, can you avoid offline branding. The answer is a big NO.  Better to keep a balance or share when it comes to online and offline branding. Put a proportion depending upon the audience and a product/service.

Asked about the branding strategies south India based Creative Agency, Be Worldwide quoted “The world is evolving, but still rooted”. In order to reach people, you should reach from the root to the branches. Branches are digital, roots are conventional. Adopt a smart strategy that can bridge the gap.

Is it generation dependent? There is common perception that elder people are not net-friendly, so in order to reach them better go conventional, offline. This is absolutely wrong. Majority of  elder people are more net savvy today, as broadband culture spread across the world with highly advanced technologies. An image on mobile phone can be zoomed out, that on a newspaper can’t. So, never avoid online branding even if the product or service is focused on nannies and grandpas. They are as smarter as Gen-next today.

Can online branding alone helps a firm? Never. Both offline and online strategies should go hand in hand. Branding on ID Card, T Shirts, Letter Heads, vehicles etc are more important when it comes to business. The same seriousness that you give to online branding should also be given to offline too for  better image building. Trust and recall are the keys for effective branding. Give equal importance for both online and offline methods.

Compared to offline strategies, brands have much more options to connect with customers online. It can use the same language and tone they use. It helps the brand stay closer to the customers than conventional ways. The visual appeal is much more effective in online branding. The fonts, colour schemes and motion helps to build better bonds with them.

While choosing both offline and online branding strategies, you should make sure that there should be proper alignment. The images and colour schemes should be the same. For example, the logo appearing proper alignment. The images and colour schemes should be the same. For example, the logo appearing on the website should have the same features and feelings when it appears on employee’s T shirt or ID card. Be well balanced. Inter-related. Neglect nothing, as everything is important in branding.


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