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Branding : Expectation Vs Reality

Branding is not about creating an attractive logo, but reflecting an attractive promise.

Many major sub brands failed in history. Yahoo search engine, Google Orkut, Apple Newton to  name a few. It is not about how big you are, but how beneficial you are – in business. Be Worldwide, the branding consultancy company in south India presented a topic on Branding : Expectation Vs Reality.

The branding expert of Be Worldwide, the leading creative agency that provides the best Campaigning service narrated the story behind greater brands failing in the course of time.

Everybody admits that branding is the most important aspects of any business. For a product or a service provider, it is important to be different and unique compared to their competitors. To survive in this fast-changing world,  a unique and meaningful branding has become very much important. But many still believe that success is fully depends on branding and marking is the key to the growth of a brand. Not always true. Branding is just a smart introducer. The moment the introducer leaves, it is your responsibility to maintain the bond. Maintaining the relationship with the customer. Maintain the trust.

The common expectations from branding vary from log creation to final campaign. Many believe that a good logo can boost business and a catchy tagline can lead to target. Of course, logo and tagline are very much important in brand building. But it is all about justifying the promise delivered by both. Remember there are examples of  heavyweights failed in history.

There is also a misconception in branding like ‘anyone can do it’. But the reality is ‘the one who understands you can do it’. Branding is  a science, an art and a tool. Hand it over to a team that is experienced and got expertise in it.

Never expect branding to be done quickly. There are people who want their brands to be established in a fortnight, or a month. Reality is, time is the wagon that carries your brand to victory. Give time to your branding company to study you, understand you and device the most suitable branding strategies for you.  The more time they spend on assessing the prospect, more effective will be the branding procedure and its results.

‘Every branding will deliver success’. It is just a myth.   To have a successful business, should have a promising product or service that solves the purpose or demand.  If you offer a service that is not up to the mark with expensive branding, the result may not be pretty well. Give the best. Promise the best and deal with the best.

‘If you fail, it is the problem with the branding agency’. It is another misconception and it may not be always true. Better branding strategies can help you grow, for sure. But there should be additional parameters for fulfilling your dreams. Factors like the launching time, location,  target people, strength of your competitors etc depends on the prospects of your brand. Study the market well and seek help from professional branding agency before you cut the ribbon.

Planning for apt campaigns are crucial for successful brand building. But not all campaigns may not bring the result. It depends on the potential of the product or service and the trust factor that is getting built by the campaign.

So, the reality is build the best product or service, take the best service and strategize the best branding methodologies. All of these are interlinked for success. If any one of these fails, you are in danger.


Be Worldwide is the leading branding consulting firm in south India

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